Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our Valentine's Day Sealing

Somehow I was finally able to convince Jan that she wanted to be with me throughout eternity, I'm thinking she was probably asleep during the discussion, but no matter, she's now stuck with me!

After a week of overcast skies and torrential downpours, it cleared up on our "eternal wedding day". We arrived early and went through the necessary paperwork and ordinance then moved into the sealing room where we were greeted by approximately 40 of our family and friends. Both of us had family come in. Jan's older brother Phil and his son Todd came down from the Bay area. Brian's daughter Melanie and her husband Charlie came in from Mesa and Melissa came in from Las Vegas.

Our Stake Patriarch, Ray Lowe, performed the sealing. We both chuckled when we were admonished to be fruitful and multiply, thankfully, those days are behind us. Afterwards we treated everyone to a light lunch where our friend Debi Moore brought in several delicious home-made desserts. We then went back to the house, rented some movies and hung out with the kids for the evening.